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How to remember the points below about modification of stem. 

  • Food storage --> potato, ginger, turmeric, zaminkhand, colocasia.
  • Tendrils --> gourds (cucumber, pumpkins, watermelon) & grapevines.
  • Thorns --> Citrus, Bougainvillea
  • Phylloclade --> Flattened (Opuntia) & Cylindrical (Euphorbia)
  • Offset --> Pistia & Eichhornia
  • Suckers --> Banana, Pineapple, Chrysanthemum.
  • Runners --> Grasses
  • Stolons --> Jasmine, mint.

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Here is a short trick to remember the types of modification of stem. 

Runners Stole Ten Thorn Suckers and Food Of Physicians

  • Runners - Runners
  • Stole - Stolons 
  • Ten - Tendrils
  • Thorn - Thorns
  • Suckers - Suckers
  • Food - Food
  • Of - Offset
  • Physicians - Phylloclade

Update: This tutorial is now available as an awesome video in Youtube 

Check out:

The Short Story 

Above explanation is the story of few runners trying to steal two things 

  1. Ten thorn sucking machines from a lab ( an imaginary machine that pull out thorns from a rose plant so that it is smoother to hold in hand) 
  2. The Food of some Physicians ( the runners were hungry after the run)

Linking the Morphology Types vs Examples

  • Runners -> Grasses - because runners can easily run on grasses 
  • Stolons -> Jasmine, mint - Stolons sounds very much like 'melons' and both Jasmine and mint have an 'm' and you can use the word melons to recall the connection between Stolons & Jasmine, Mint. 

The examples for each remaining kind can be learned very easy by understanding the meaning of these words and relate them directly with the vegetables and fruits listed here or making more mnemonics like above. Most of them are commonly used/seen around us. 

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