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  • Porifera - Sponges
  • Platyhelminthes - Planaria, Liverfluke, Tapeworm
  • Nematodea - Ascaris, Filarial worm, Wuchereria
  • Annelida - Earthworm, Leech, Nereis
  • Arthropoda - Ant, Spider, Cocroach, Prawn
  • Mollusca - Chiton, Unio, Mussels, Octopus, Snail
  • Echinodermata - Sea cucumber, Sea Urchin
  • Protochordata - Tongueworm, Herdmania, Balanoglossus

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Lets learn the easy ones first:

Remember EASY ONES First (PAM):

  • Porifera - Sponges ( Porifera - Sounds like lot of pores.. similar to Sponge)
  • Arthropoda - Ant, Spider, Cocroach, Prawn ( Arthropoda and Ant starts with 'A', also commonly seen together are Spiders and Cocroach). Also (Arthro) 'pod' means a home, and these 3 insects are commonly seen in home. 
  • Mollusca - Mussels, Octopus, Snail  ( Mollusca and Mussles start with 'M' easy to connect with Snail and Octopus as all are living in sea ) 

Remember the FOUR WORMS - Tapeworm, Toungeworm, Earthworm, Filarial Worm:

Remember these 3 worms are examples of different sections:

  • Tapeworm - Platyhelminthes Plates are washed from Tap water, hence they are related. Also Platy starts with 'Pla' same as 'Planaria' . 
  • TonguewormProtochordata : Protocho sounds like Potato which we cook and eat. Hence tounge related with Protochordata. 
  • Earthworm - Annelida : Imagine you had a pet earthworm named Annie. One day Annie died - 'Annie died' - Annelida :D
  • Filarial worm - Nematodea : Remember 
    • a. Filarial - fire a real 
    • b. Nematodaea - new-man-today
    • a + b = Fire a Real Man Today with Worm (yuk!)
Remember SEA :
Echinodermata - Sea cucumber, Sea Urchin - Remember as Sechinoderma if you like! Cucumber in Sea it'self is easy to remember!

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