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Here is a trick to remember the cells:

Parents Started Clearance sale in College


  • Parents - Parenchymatous cells
  • Started Clearance - Sclerenchymatous cells
  • College - Collenchymatous cells

Now, ignore all monocot, dicot title for the time being. Lets memorize each words under each of these main 3 types of cells regardless of the the monocot/dicot details.

Remember Collenchymatous:

We can move the 3rd one out of our way easily by remembering 

College is for HIGHER studies and DEGREES

  • HIGHER - Sounds like ( Hypo - dermis )
  • DEGREE - Stands dor Dicot Stems


Remember Parenchymatous:


Pearly Cycling in Ground fell on Mud Pit and went to Court



  • Pearly Cycling - Pericycle
  • Ground - GTS
  • Mud - Medullary Rays
  • Pit - Pith
  • Court - Cortex


Remember Sclerenchymatous:

This one is the middle one and hence its easy. It combines the 1 and only entry College and 1 entry from Parent

  • From Parent - Pericycle
  • From College - Hypodermis

Apart from these here is a trick to remember the remaining two words:


Clearance for Vodafone Bundle offers Fibre Internet Phones

  • Vodafone Bundle - Vascular bundle
  • Fibre Phones - Phloem fibres

Now relate and group the classification of Dicot Stem of College with Clearance and then for Parents.  


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