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Often we might get confused by the following

Compiletime polymorphism  class overloading in java
Runtime polymorphism  class overriding in java

Both class overriding/overloading might get mixed up and can cause confusion.
What is an easy hack to remember this?

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The hack is to create a trick to remember only 'Runtime Polymorphism'. 
Here is simple piece of code about 'Bikes' relating to runtime polymorphism

class Bike {
public ride(){}

class HarleyDavidson extends Bike {
// Look!!! class-overriding below
public ride(){
System.out.println("Enable 6th gear");


Now here comes the trick.Runtime polymorphism can be imagined as something that always moves. Eg. our bike is a perfect example. You can ride it around. It's dynamic and it moves. 
So here 'ride' is the keyword.

Relate class-overriding with the method 'ride

The 'ride' method in the above example is an instance of class-overriding hence its very easy to remember now that Runtime Polymorpism is related with class-overriding

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