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How to remember the classification of Phylum Cnidaria?

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asked Dec 4, 2019 by nanospeck (6,920 points)

How to remember the below classifications of cnidarians:

Class 1. Hydrozoa (Gk. Hydros- water, zoon- animal):

Either only polyps are found or polyps and medusae are present. Examples: Hydra, Obelia (sea-fur) and Physalia, Porpita, Velella, Millepora (hydroid coral).

Class 2. Scyphozoa (Gk. skyphos- cup):

They are represented by medusae. Examples: Aurelia, Rhizostoma

Class 3. Anthozoa (Gk. anthos- flower):

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answered Dec 15, 2019 by nanospeck (6,920 points)

Here is an easy trick to learn phylum cnidaria, just imagines Ants that can fly high in the sky:

Sky High Ants

  • Sky - Scyphozoa
  • High - Hydrozoa
  • Ant - Anthozoa

Note that the sound of each word in the trick is same as the starting of the actual words. Just the spelling is different. An all words ends with zoa


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