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Is there an easy method to memorize the morphology of flowering plants?

  • Root - Primary root, Secondary root
  • Shoot - Stem, Branches, Leaves, Flowers and Fruits.

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Here is picture of plant morphology: 

Update: For the YouTube video tutorial of this trick on learning plant morphology click here:​


Let's Start With Remembering the Root

  • Root - Primary root, Secondary root

It's fairly easy to remember that 'Root' has only two subtypes from the 2 'o's  in the word. Primary and Secondary are easy as remembering 1 and 2.

  • Shoot   - Stem, Branches, Leaves, Flowers and Fruits.

The possible difficulty in memorizing 'Shoot' is that you might not realize if you've written all the parts. To verify if you have written all the parts in shoot you can simply count the number of letters in the word 'shoot'

  • Number of letters in the word 'Shoot' : 5. So you know how many parts are present in the Shoot

So shoot has 5 parts. And since in morphology the 'shoot' starts with the letter 'S' . You can quickly remember the first part is "Stem". ( Click here for the trick to memorize the memorize the Morphology of Plants - Stem

  • 'Shoot' starts with letter 'S'. So you know you have to begin with 'Stem'
  • The letter 'h' looks like 'b'. So you can quickly think about 'branches'.

The fruit, flower and leaves are obviously very easy to recollect since these are the first things that come to your mind if you want to draw a plant. Additionally, you can always know how many items are remaining in your list by counting the number of letters in 'Shoot' (that's 5). There you go, now you've easly learned to remember flowering plant morphology!

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