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How can we remember and memorise the total number of "sharps" in major keys in music and how they follow one another?

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asked May 6, 2016 by profmwen (320 points)
Hint: We have  F, C, G, D ,A, E and B.

2 Answers

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answered May 10, 2016 by nanospeck (3,820 points)

Here is good trick to remember the total number of sharps in major keys in music: 


Fat Crocodile Gets Donuts And Elephant Burgers


Picture of Fat Crocodile Eating Donut and Burger

Note: Elephant burger is something I made up, because we humans consume veg/chicken burgers, if crocodiles had restaurants they'd definitely have such variety of choices.

commented May 10, 2016 by profmwen (320 points)
The answer is very brilliant and also the illustration is highly enhancing.
REMEMBER: In education and training we say "visuals enhance learning".
What do you think of that?
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answered May 10, 2016 by profmwen (320 points) 1 flag
Here is another variant in remembering the total number of sharps in major keys in music:

Few  Careless Girls Die After Every Boom ! F C G D A E B !

Special NOTE: "BOOM" is  a slang for a stipend or an an allowance given to university and college students periodically whilst they are in session. This is common especially in British and all commonwealth universities/colleges. Therefore, it is left to the imagination what happens when this is paid to the students (both genders inclusive) and if they have to go for  bashes, disco ,etc over the weekend !!

Few Careless Girls Die After Every Boom !!!
commented May 13, 2016 by nanospeck (3,820 points)
This is quite a good one and very easy to remember. Thanks for explaining about 'boom', that helped.
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