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How to remember functions of drugs like cannabinoid , opioids , coca alkaloids?

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asked Jan 19 by nanospeck (6,920 points)

How to remember the function of the following drugs:

Drug NameDescriptionBody Part Affected
OpioidsOpioid receptors in central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract.
 e.g. Heroine
Depressant and slows down body functions
Central nervous System - Decrease Activity
CannabinoidsInteract with Cannabinoid receptors in brain. 
Affect cardiovascular system.
Cardiovascular System
Coca alkaloidSimulate central nervous system causing euphoria, increased energy and hallucinations.Central nervous system - Increase Activity


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answered Jan 19 by nanospeck (6,920 points)

Following is a trick to remember the affects of drugs on humans:

Remember that all 3 drug mainly affect only 2 parts of your body.

Cardiovascular (Heart)Central Nervous System (Brain)

How to remember the function of the following drugs:

Drug NameBody Part AffectedTrick
OpioidsCentral nervous System - Decrease ActivityStarts with letter 'O' which can be read as zero. So it makes your activity to zero. Which means it s a Depressant. Ironically an example name is just the opposite of zero i.e. Hero-ine
CannabinoidsCardiovascular SystemBoth starts with letter 'Ca'.  Remember since you remember this related with heard then other 2 drugs will fall in the category of Brain. 
Coca alkaloidCentral nervous system - Increase ActivityCoca can be related with Coke - Coke ads always come up during games like Cricket. So it can be related with increased level of activity


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