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How to Remember the Parts of the Brain using Mnemonics?

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asked Apr 11, 2016 by nanospeck (6,920 points)

Are there any easy mnemonics to memorize the parts of the brain?

1) Broca’s Area (association cortex for producing speech).

2) Cerebellum

3) Cerebral Cortex (decision making upper brain).

4) Corpus Callosum (connects the two hemispheres).

5) Frontal Lobe (most advanced and complex thinking).

6) Hippocampus (important for memory).

7) Hypothalamus (regulates biological drives).

8) Ventromedial & Lateral Hypothalamus (two parts of the hypothalamus that regulate hunger: ventromedial suppresses hunger, lateral stimulates hunger) 

9) Limbic System (associated with emotions such as fear and aggression)

10) Motor Cortex

11) Occipital Lobe (visual cortex)

12) Parasympathetic Nervous System.

13) Sympathetic Nervous System.

14) Temporal Lobe (auditory cortex).

1 Answer

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answered Apr 12, 2016 by nanospeck (6,920 points)

Here is an easy mnemonic that helps you memorize all the 14 parts of the brain listed above. 

Hyperactive Hippopotamus with a Bell Eating Broccoli, Cereal and Crops, Later drove a Motorbike in Front of Octopus and Tiger Lobsters to get Sympathy

  • Hyperactive - Hypothalamus
  • HippopotamusHippocampus
  • BellCerebellum
  • eating (ignore)
  • BroccoliBroca’s Area
  • Cereal - Cerebral Cortex 
  • CropsCorpus Callosum 
  • LaterVentromedial & Lateral Hypothalamus
  • drove a (ignore)
  • MotorbikeMotor Cortex
  • Front - Frontal Lobe
  • OctopusOccipital Lobe
  • Tiger Lobsters Temporal Lobe
  • Sympathy - Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System

Now whenever you want to recall the parts of the brain just imagine this very interesting story of Hippopotamus eathin Broccoli, Cereals and Crops and then driving Motorbike in .front of Octopus and Tiger Lobsters to get their sympathy. 

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