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How to remember the types of Gynoecium in flowers?

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  • It is the female reproductive part of the flower.
  • Members are called carpel.
  • Each carpel has three parts namely stigma, style and ovary.
  • Ovary is the enlarged basal part on which lies the elongated tube, the style.
  • The stigma usually at the tip of the style.
  • Stigma is the receptive surface for pollen grain.
  • Each ovary bears one or more ovules.
  • Ovule attached to a flattened cushion-like placenta in the ovary.
  • When more than one carpel is present they may be:-
    • Apocarpous: all carpels are free. E.g. rose, lotus
    • Syncarpous: carpels fused. E.g. Tomato mustard.
  • After fertilization:-
    • Ovules develop into seed.
    • Ovary developed into fruit.

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answered Jan 5, 2020 by nanospeck (6,920 points)
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GyNo - No Guy ( so female)

It’s the female reproductive part of the plants. It’s easy to remember this fact because with humans also

Gynecology is the hospital department that handle female pregnancy - Gynoecium starts with Gyno as well!

Parts of Gynoecium:

  • Stigma 
  • Style 
  • Ovary

Trick to remember the parts of Gynoecium:


  • S - Stigma
  • O - Ovary
  • S - Style ( females are more beauty conscious)

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