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How to remember the spelling of INDIVIDUAL ?

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asked Apr 23, 2016 by nanospeck (4,600 points)
edited Apr 25, 2016 by nanospeck
How to remember the correct spelling of individual and not to misspell it eg. induvidual or indvidual

1 Answer

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answered Apr 25, 2016 by nanospeck (4,600 points)

Ther first 6 letter are the most confusing part of the word 'INDIVIDUAL'. Here is the tip to remember the spelling of 'INDIVIDUAL' correctly. 

An Individual is Indivisible

An Individual is one single person and he cannot be divided further, so he can be thought of an indivisible object. The word 'Indivisible' will remind us that ther is an 'i' at the 4th location. 

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