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How to remember the types of Androecium in flower?

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asked Dec 5, 2019 by nanospeck (6,860 points)
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  • It is the male sex organ of the flower.
  • Composed of stamens.
  • Each stamen consists of a stalk or filament and an anther.
  • Each anther is usually bilobed and each lobe has two chambers, pollen sac.
  • Pollen grains are produced inside the pollen sacs.
  • A sterile stamen is called staminode.
  • Epipetalous: stamens attached to the petals. E.g. brinjal.
  • Epiphyllous: stamens attached to the perianth. E.g. lily.
  • Polyandrous: stamens are free.
  • Monoadelphous: stamens united into one bunch or one bundle e.g. China rose.
  • Diadelphous: stamens fused to form two bundles as in pea.
  • Polyadelphous: stamens fused to form more than two bundles as in citrus.



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answered Jan 5, 2020 by nanospeck (6,860 points)
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Here are some tricks to remember details about Androecium, the male reproductive organ of a plant.

Since they are male part they have Stamens which end with β€˜MEN’

StaMEN - End with men (male)

Parts of StaMEN:

  • Stalk or Filament - ( Sta Sta Sta... )
  • Anther - ( An An An.. )

Trick to remember

Sta.. Sta.. Sta.. Sta..Stalk - First 3 letters same as Stamen 

An..An..An..An..Anther -First 2 letters same as Androecium

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