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Is there a way to remember the names of all the bones which comprises the human skull?

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asked May 1, 2016 by profmwen (280 points)
edited May 4, 2016 by nanospeck

These are the list of bones in skull that needs to be memorized:

  • frontal 
  • parietal 
  • occipital
  • temporal 
  • sphenoid
  • ethmoid


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answered May 1, 2016 by nanospeck (4,600 points)
edited May 4, 2016 by nanospeck

An easy way to memorize the bones in skull is to remember: 

Occasionally Frantic PETS

  • Occipital - Occasionally 
  • Frontal - Frantic 
  • Parietal - P
  • Ethmoid - E
  • Temporal - T
  • Sphenoid - S

Extra Tip:

If you notice the ending of each bone, you can notice that it has a common pattern:

3 bones end with 'tal'
2 bones end with 'oid'
1 bone ends with 'ral'

Keep this pattern in mind to verify your list is correct and complete.

commented May 6, 2016 by profmwen (280 points)
Wow! This is amazing! Six bones in total found in the human skull. 3 ends in 'tal',2 ends in 'oid' and 1 ends in 'ral'.  "Occasionally Frantic PETS" !
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